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Agents who want to get on the wave of demand for river cruises – and close more sales with confidence – now have the chance to do so thanks to Avalon Waterways. The company, which offers an array of European itineraries on its own ships as well as cruises in the Mekong, Amazon, Mississippi, Galapagos and the Nile, has launched a learn-at-your-own-pace Specialist Program. There are four modules to the online program, which will not only familiarize agents with Avalon’s ships, itineraries and range of inclusions, but also give tips on how to overcome any objections. “There are a number of great perks too,”Stéphanie Bishop of the Globus family of brands, Avalon’s parent company, points out. “Not only will agents reap the significant benefits of more commissions on a high end product, but they’ll also be eligible for a free cruise when they make just three bookings.”Other benefits include five CLIA credits and a $50 gift card with the first booking after completing the course. The company estimates that the program will take a total of three hours to complete all four modules and take the exam. For more information, including details on the “Sell 3, Sail for Free”perk, visit .

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