Avalon Waterways reports off-season cruising so cool, it’s hot

Off-season travel is becoming increasingly popular, with Avalon Waterways reporting that since 2023, the company has increased its off-season cruise offerings by 88%; adding new departures to an already robust menu of Wine Cruises during harvest season and Festive Cruises celebrating Christmas to meet demand.

Pam Hoffee, president of Avalon Waterways, points out that: “Cruising in the off-season goes together like winter and a warm sweater.”

Hoffee continues: “Every year, our November and December Festive- and Wine-themed cruises sell-out, encouraging us to add more departures. Next season will mark the third year in a row that we have increased November and December itineraries and departures to accommodate our guests and their interests.”

Leading Hoffee to observe: “It’s hard to continue to call fall and winter cruising ‘off season’ when it’s become so popular.”

There’s nothing more festive, dazzling or inviting than Europe’s tradition-rich Christmas Markets. From Basel to Budapest and Nuremberg to Prague, Avalon Waterways Festive Cruises deliver holiday magic to travellers across Europe. Selling-out year-over-year, with 18 itineraries on the books for 2025, the company is offering more off-season holiday cruises than ever before. In fact, since 2019, Avalon Waterways has increased its capacity for Festive season cruises by 118%.

New Festive Cruises for next year include several longer itineraries such as Christmastime from Frankfurt to Vienna (12 days); Christmastime from Budapest to Frankfurt (13 days); Christmastime from Basel to Vienna (16 days) and Christmastime from Budapest to Basel (17 days).

Whether they have a nose for the perfect Burgundy or if everything Avalon guests know about wine could fit in a thimbleful of Chardonnay, the river cruise line’s special Wine Cruises – all of which take place between October and November – invite travellers to sniff, swirl and sip their way through Europe’s legendary and picturesque vineyards during the fall, including harvest season.

Increasing its wine-themed departures – and capacity – by 80% for 2025, Avalon Waterways is inviting guests to sail on “cloud wine” on seven (7) itineraries (and 18 departures) next year.

Pairing well with the most popular rivers in Europe, Avalon’s wine-themed itineraries cruise the Rhône, Seine, Rhine, Danube and Moselle Rivers. And, while all of these special interest, off-season cruises will sell-out, some of the company’s most popular Wine departures include Burgundy & Provence for Wine Lovers (8 days); The Rhine & Moselle for Wine Lovers (11 days) and Grand France for Wine Lovers (15 days). Avalon also offers cruises through Bordeaux in France and on the Douro in Portugal – two, beloved wine regions for river cruises and wine-lovers

In addition to Avalon Waterways’ special interest cruises that set sail during the off-season, other themed cruises that invite guests to pack their passions include Storyteller; Beer; Culinary; Garden and Nature; Music and Jazz and History.

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