Avoid The Kitch At The Black Lagoon

Enter this bar freely and of your own will…

Kelsey Ramage says travel agents with clients who are major Halloween enthusiasts will be certain to appreciate her “pop-up” Toronto Black Lagoon bar, which will run from Oct. 1-31, and by patronizing it avoid the “kitchy” pumpkins and other Halloween decor other bars frequently sport in October.

Similar Black Lagoon pop-up bars will also be found in Montreal, Vancouver and 6 American cities.

“My business partner and I really love the macabre,” says Ramsay, whose bar will feature the likes of upright coffins, a Pagan calendar and replica tombstones.

Guests may hear music by the likes of Black Sabbath and AC DC while ordering drinks bearing such names as Screaming Banshee and Hexes for Your Exes.

Costumes will be welcome, with even those who show up in cute bunny rabbit costumes being welcomed, although hopefully get-ups “will get a little creepier than that,” says Ramage, whose business partner Erin Hayes has a tourism industry career that includes a tenure at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles.

Black Lagoon isn’t the first pop-up bar Ramage has been part of and she says only giving people one month to experience the Black Lagoon should ensure that it will be busy, given that people will only have a limited opportunity to bend their elbows in it.

And she counsels that travel agents with clients eager to travel for an unusual Halloween experience should consider sending them to a city with a Black Lagoon bar.

“There’s nothing else like it at all,” she states.

More information can be found at www.blacklagoonpopup.com