Azores Airlines starting weekly service from Montreal this April

Azores Airlines anticipates the beginning of its direct flights between Montreal and Ponta Delgada to April 4, 2024, two months earlier than initially planned, offering a weekly connection on Thursdays.

“By bringing forward the start date of this operation, we aim to improve the service to the Azorean communities living in Canada as well as meet the increasing tourist demand we are experiencing,” said Teresa Gonçalves, CEO of the SATA Group. “Additionally, the launch of this operation represents a significant achievement for Azores Airlines, as it now has access to nighttime slots at Montreal International Airport, something we have been seeking for some time and has been identified as a preference by our customers. The anticipation also provides an additional response to passengers who are increasingly and consistently using Azores Airlines connections to reach the Azores and other European destinations the airline serves.”

Weekly connections

The direct weekly connection between the Azores and Montreal will take place on Thursdays from April 4 to May 30.

Eventually, this will increase with three more flights per week. From June to September, the airline will operate four weekly connections on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, reducing the frequency after September until the end of the IATA summer 2024, by the end of October.

Flights between Montreal and Ponta Delgada will operate during nighttime hours. This provides more comfort for passengers. It also increases connectivity opportunities upon arrival in the Azores through connecting flights on SATA Air Açores, reaching other islands in the archipelago, as well as other European destinations operated by Azores Airlines.

Flights depart from Ponta Delgada at 18:15 and arrive in Montreal at 20:10 (local time). In the opposite direction, the departure from Montreal will be at 21:30, arriving in Ponta Delgada at 06:30 (local time) of the next day.

During the high season, Azores Airlines will have 15 weekly connections between Portugal (Islands of São Miguel and Terceira, Porto, and Funchal) and Canada (Toronto and Montreal). (Note: each connection represents two round trips).