Baby, It’s Warm Outside


Predictions that Old Man Winter’s icy grip may not be that icy this winter doesn’t seem to be alarming tourist boards that invite people to flee bone-chilling weather, reports Ian Stalker in this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier.

Numerous meteorological reports are suggesting that an El Nino effect means this winter will be a mild one, which might suggest that sun vacations may not seem as attractive over the next few months as they did during last year’s long and frigid winter.

AccuWeather Global Weather Center said in late October that this winter “could end up as one of the warmest winters on record for Canada as a whole, as a strong El Nino persists into the upcoming season.”

But tourist boards used to hosting winter-weary Canadians say that their destinations have long evolved beyond simply being home to sun-soaked beaches in any case and numerous factors now draw us to them.

Peter Mayers, director, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (Canada) said he expects Canadians to flock south even if temperatures are unseasonably warm here.

“Canadians have proven year in and year out that they enjoy a warm getaway in the winter, even during a milder one,” he told Travel Courier. “While there may be fewer last-minute decisions made, as those tend to be accelerated during a deep freeze, we don’t anticipate a notable drop in arrivals to Barbados from Canada this season. In fact, we are optimistic that the year-round upward trend that we’ve been seeing from the market will continue.”

Janet Cuffie of the Bahamas Tourist Office – Canada believes that mild temperatures will have “very minimal, if any effect” on bookings to her homeland.

“The Bahamas offers more than just sun, sand and sea,” she said. “You’ll find an extraordinary combination of activities, cultures and landscapes to suit anyone in search of sophisticated pleasure and all in a perfect Caribbean climate.”

Cuffie also noted that her destination is quickly accessible to a huge number of Canadians.

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