Bahamas government gears up for space tourism

The Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation (MOTIA) has successfully negotiated and executed of a groundbreaking Letter of Agreement (LOA) with SpaceX, marking a revolutionary leap for The Bahamas into the realm of space tourism.

The LOA establishes a strategic collaboration that positions The Bahamas as a global destination for witnessing booster landings.

SpaceX, a pioneer in space exploration, is currently finalizing mission designs where one of the company’s autonomous droneships will serve as a Falcon 9 landing location east of The Exumas, offering a spectacle that will be visible only in The Bahamas. This unique opportunity sets the stage for tourists to witness awe-inspiring space events from cruise ships, resorts, and various tourist hotspots, solidifying The Bahamas’ position as a key player in the emerging space tourism industry. 

The exclusive visibility of rocket landings on an autonomous droneship from various Bahamian islands distinguishes this destination as the only one of its kind worldwide.

About the Letter of Agreement

The respective Bahamian landings covered in the LOA will not only support SpaceX’s Starlink mission but also contribute to saving lives, enhancing first responders’ capabilities, and ensuring connectivity in times of disasters.

“This Letter of Agreement with SpaceX marks a new era for The Bahamas. We are honoured to work with SpaceX to enable their Falcon 9 rockets to safely land on an autonomous droneship within Bahamian waters, helping to continue their rocket reusability efforts,” said Hon. I. Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investments & Aviation.  

In tandem with the LOA, SpaceX has committed to supporting the creation of a space installation or exhibit showcasing recognizable hardware and a SpaceX spacesuit. This exhibit, the only one outside the United States, is expected to draw significant attention and attendance from both Bahamian citizens and international tourists.

Educational outreach through STEM

SpaceX’s commitment to educational outreach through STEM and space-focused presentations on a quarterly basis will leave a lasting impact on the growth of STEM education in The Bahamas, providing invaluable opportunities for students and teachers.

Aisha Bowe, former NASA rocket scientist, and STEMBoard Founder & CEO played a significant role in this achievement. In 2024, she is set to become an astronaut, marking her as the first Bahamian in space. Her inspiring journey shared globally through interviews, presentations, and a documentary, aligns with the Bahamas’ vision for innovation and education. In collaboration with SpaceX over the past fifteen months, Bowe’s expertise and STEMBoard’s contributions were integral in outlining procedures for space operations in Bahamian territory. 

Cooper expressed the Government’s commitment to expanding impact beyond tourism.

“The Bahamas is poised to embrace its newfound role in the global space industry, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s history. We look forward to a future where The Bahamas stands proudly as a trailblazer in space tourism and technology in line with our Blueprint for change and our Innovate242 initiative,” he said.