Baxter Media Gives Back

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your support throughout this very challenging year.

In March, we talked about staying strong, working together, keeping hope alive and staying resilient.

Throughout, we have stayed true to our mission as our team has continued to serve our industry with daily reporting on news, insights and important information to help you, our readers, make meaningful business decisions.

The Baxter Media staff continues to work tirelessly with an undying passion for our industry and hopeful enthusiasm for the future to keep you informed so you can focus on your own critical priorities.

And while striving to continuously provide this critical service to you, we have made impactful changes and developed more virtual and innovative solutions that help you work through it all.

Our commitment to our industry and tourism both at home and globally, has never wavered.

While we all struggle to stay strong, we, at Baxter Media, recognize that there are people in our world who need our help and that we have to care for our neighbour before anything else.

We are pleased to have been able to donate over $150,000 of new clothing to three important organizations who make a difference to many, everyday:

  • Nellies, a shelter for women and children
  • Ve-ahavta, taking care of those who have been marginalized by poverty and hardship
  • Homes First, provides safe places to live for those with the fewest options.

This heartfelt donation comes from Baxter Media’s, Exec. Vice President, Wendy McClung. Along with business partner Jutta Smardenka, they created HotCool Wear over 20 years ago, an innovative brand of sleepwear and comfortwear.

“While we donate every year, this time is extraordinary. The need is so much greater, but the logistical challenges have been immense. Unable to work in teams to assemble and ship, it has taken longer than usual, but through determination and some heavy lifting, we have made it work.” said McClung.

And she added: “We have to remember the need is not seasonal, it’s ongoing. Heading into the new year, we will continue to do our best to take care of our neighbour.”

Stay Strong for yourself and others in 2021!