Baxter Media – The Next Chapter In Our Story

Welcome to the next chapter in our story. It has been 70 years since the establishment of Baxter Publishing Company and while the many years of history between then and now, the tie that binds past to present is a relentless commitment to delivering the most relevant and compelling content to our readers each and every day.

Content that inspires, educates, entertains and helps our readers do what they do best – and that’s all about building a successful business selling travel.

Over the years we have made changes, leading the way through challenges and opportunities that have faced both the travel and publishing industries.

Changes that have required thoughtfulness, research and input from you, our readers. And throughout the whole process, we’ve ensured that our long established connection to history, tradition and those relationships that have been so important to the industry remain intact and in the forefront.

Today, we are Baxter Media – your partner in travel.

For the full story on our new brand, check out this week’s Travel Courier.