Be Happy: Vacation


As people celebrate International Day of Happiness today (March 20), a poll reveals that the one thing that most Canadians can agree on is that a well-timed vacation almost always makes them feel happier. polled Canadians to learn just how important vacations really are to their overall health and happiness. Not surprisingly, the results showed that 80% of Canadians associate vacationing with their overall happiness. In fact, when compared to other experiences eliciting happiness such as finding money (16%) or receiving a tax refund (13%), vacationing was chosen by 48% of respondents as number one for generating happiness.

And, as it turns out, most Canadians (90%) are willing to make some pretty significant sacrifices just to get their hands on a few more days of relaxation. For example, for one additional vacation day a year, Canadians would give up the following for an entire week: 56% would give up video games; 46% would give up alcohol; 45% would part with their favourite outfit; 44% would give up chocolate; 43% would go without television; 36% would be willing to give up their cell phone/smartphone; 36% would be willing to give up coffee.


Photo credit: Sandals LaSource Grenada