Berkeley Named New CEO For Bermuda Tourism Authority

Tracy Berkeley has been named Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA), becoming the organization’s first female leader.

She has been serving as the BTA’s Interim CEO since June 2022.

Berkeley joined the Bermuda Tourism Authority in January 2020 and took on the role of interim CEO in June 2022. Within the last nine months, she has worked to stabilize the organization for increased team productivity, raised the awareness and relevance of the destination by meeting with stakeholders in the travel trade, and media industries, and worked alongside partners to deliver the BTA’s Lost Yet Found campaign.

Berkeley has helped to build a new leadership team that is better fit to meet the organization’s needs, reengaged with key industry leaders, and most importantly, restored the credibility of the BTA in the eyes of its stakeholders. Berkeley serves on several private and public Boards and is a 2024 Certified Destination Management Executive (CDME) candidate.

Commenting on her appointment, Berkeley said: “It is with a deep sense of pride and humility that I officially take the helm as the CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority. We are starting to see incremental growth along with a reinvigorated local community. Our success can be attributed in part to a focused, data-led strategic recovery plan and our commitment to seeing it through.”

The BTA’s new CEO continued: “By championing Bermuda’s core strengths and engaging with media and trade partners around the world, we have been able to leverage the island’s key selling characteristics and reinforce the message that we are open business.  I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to further develop this vital sector of the island’s economy.”

Wayne Caines, Chairman of the BTA Board, said: “We are excited to announce Tracy Berkeley to the position of CEO and are confident that the organization — and Bermuda as a whole — will benefit greatly from her leadership and expertise.” He continued, “As Interim CEO, she answered the call to take on the challenge and delivered against a clear set of mandates, determined by the board, impeccably. I am confident that she will continue to do so with our support and the support of the island’s valuable community.”

Minister of Tourism and Cabinet Office, Vance Campbell JP, MP, said: “I am pleased by the announcement of Tracy Berkeley in the role of CEO for the BTA. I support her confirmation in the role and that this appointment was done in consultation with me as the Minister of Tourism. I am looking forward to continued engagement with Ms. Berkeley, her team and all of our industry partners.”

Said Berkeley: “There is renewed energy and focus within our organization and the tourism industry as a whole. As we gear up for what looks to be a steadying year of growth, we are working hard to strengthen our local and international partnerships to lay out plans for the future of tourism. The team is progressing with an emphasis on enhanced product offerings and service levels. We look forward to putting our ideas into action and working together to ensure continued prosperity for Bermuda.”

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