Berkeley & Oakland

Berkeley and Oakland in the Bay area of California may be side-by-side cities, but their history and personalities are so different from each other that at times one might not think they are in the same US state.

Oakland is the big city, with all the traits of an urban centre. At its heart Berkeley, with a dramatically smaller population, is a University town.
The influence of young people is felt everywhere, while Oakland is much more of a working class industrial city.
But both have exceptional restaurants, interesting attractions, and parks with views that suggest both have many lifestyle benefits for living there.
In this Voices of Travel Podcast, host Ron Pradinuk, explores both cities and provide reasons why both can so successfully built into one great vacation.
Pradinuk will revisit the Berkeley free speech movement of the 1960’s and talk about some of the waterside attractions that make Oakland such a unique big city.
So if you want to find out more about Berkely and Oakland, have a listen to this week’s Voices of Travel.