Bermuda Is Back And Re-Engaging With The Canadian Travel Trade

Bermuda is back and it wants Canadians to experience the joy getting lost in all that the destination has to offer visitors.

A delegation led by the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s (BTA) CEO, Tracy Berkeley was in Toronto last week to meet with travel trade types at a reception at the Falcon Skybar at Hotel X in Toronto and let the industry know that the Canadian market was key to the destination’s recovery and that Canadian travel agents and tour operators had a key role to play.

In conversation with Press Today, Berkeley made it clear that: “The Canadian market is hugely important to our recovery efforts and that’s one of the reasons that we’re here re-engaging with the travel trade.”

The goal, said Berkeley is: “We want Bermuda to be front of mind with Canadian travellers and we’re making a concerted effort to reach out and re-engage the market.”

As for the recovery, Berkeley told PT that while Bermuda is still in recovery, it’s seeing ‘sustainable’ growth, “so, the work we’re doing in this space is showing some green shoots.”

And the fact that Canadian tour operators are increasing their product [offerings] to Bermuda, means agents will have more hotel and tour products to sell to their clients this winter and spring season.

Bermuda’s Lost Yet Found campaign — launched just about a year ago (Sept 2022) – should help raise interest here in Canada as it highlight’s the range of experiences visitors can expect from a Bermuda vacation.

The campaign makes the point that getting lost never felt so good as visitors can do just that as they take a deeper dive into Bermuda’s culture, history, food, activities and a whole lot more.

It’s about the adventure that visitors can have discovering Bermuda – the activities, the people, the cuisine and an array of experiences that unlock the island’s mysteries.

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Seen here, from l to r, are Devin Lewis, VP of Sales & Business Development for the Bermuda Tourism Authority and Tracy Berkeley, Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Tourism Authority.