Best Ever … So Far


2015 was a very good year for Israel tourism.

In fact, Uri Steinberg, Israel tourism commissioner for North America, observed: “It’s official, more Americans visited Israel in 2015 than in any year since Israel was reborn in 1948.”

In all, some 620,000 Americans visited Israel in 2015 – that’s 3% more than in 2014, which was the previous record year.

Said Steinberg: “For much of the year, tourism specialists were seeing a monthly increase in arrivals, but only with the end-of-year statistics could we be really sure that we’d broken the all-time record.”
But there’s more.

Tourism from both Canada and Mexico also broke records. Canada posted a 2% increase over 2014; while Mexico surged by 8% .

And when all’s said and done, Israel welcomed some 802,000 North Americans in 2015.