Big, Bold And Better Than Ever


It’s big, bold and better than ever.

If you wonder what we’re talking about, check your e-mail for today’s edition of Baxter Travel Media’s Press Today.

Back just before Christmas 2013, Baxter Travel Media introduced a new look for its web site and now Canada’s leading and most trusted travel trade news organization has unveiled a brand new design for its daily e-newsletter, Press Today.

Along with bringing Canada’s travel trade its daily serving of news and information, Press Today takes things to the next level as its responsive format allows readers to view it on their desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Months of research and design have gone into the new look of Press Today — all of it directed at providing news, special features and other content relevant to you, our readers, every day of the week and on whatever device you’re using at the time.

The addition of functionality that allows for smartphone and tablet viewing of Press Today seemed only natural considering that this is an industry that’s always on the move and based on our research wanted its daily news available on the mobile platform.

Now daily readers of Press Today will find the top five stories prominently featured and accompanied by bold photos and images. Below these stories, in the easy-to-click More Headlines section, they’ll discover a wide range of additional news and feature stories.

Plus right next to the More Headlines section, readers will find Press Today’s News Categories section which feeds into the web site, providing our readers with full access to our expansive database of the latest news along with our story archives — all easily accessible on a category-by-category basis.

If you want more on Cruise, just click on it. If you want more on Airlines, just click on it. If you want more on virtually anything related to Canada’s travel trade, you’ll find it here — just a click away.

All in all, the new Press Today is an easy-to-read way to get your travel industry news anywhere, anytime from Canada’s leading and most trusted travel trade news organization.