BikeHike calling on singles

BikeHike Adventures offers single travellers an adventurous opportunity this upcoming Valentine’s Day. During the period of the year often devoted to love and commitment, single travellers are invited to hop aboard Navigating Nicaragua’s Volcanoes and Lakes — a trip devoted to empowering its single participants. Single travellers will be met with no single supplement fee and no mention of any special significance of Feb.14. “Each year, Valentine’s Day invigorates half of the population at the other’s expense. Instead, the message singles should be receiving is to enjoy life by one’s own merit – and there’s no better way to enjoy life than on a fun and social outdoor adventure amongst like-minded individuals,”BikeHike says. “The nine-day itinerary is epitomized by moderate challenge and variety. This emphasizes personal achievement and instills independence within travellers. Among stints of kayaking, zip-lining and sandboarding, travellers will bike between colonial towns, cone-shaped volcanoes and brilliant lakes while embracing the warm local hospitality of Nicaragua. Overnights are in cozy family-run hotels.”The special departure of Navigating Nicaragua’s Volcanoes and Lakes takes place Feb. 9-17. Trip costs start at US$2,699 (land only). (