brings ‘delight of right’ message to Canada


Calling itself “Planet Earth’s No. 1 accommodation site,” is rolling out its first ever branding campaign in Canada which will reinforce the company’s “delight of right” message beginning today (Jan. 22).

The campaign transforms the word “booking” from a simple transaction and company name into an adjective for the “sheer, unbridled joy and satisfaction” that delivers to its customers.’s customer survey found that Canadians take a more mature approach to travel, as reflected by the clear distinction they make between “best value” and “lowest price.” They also demonstrate a preference for more independent accommodations options whether travelling domestically or abroad.

“Canadians are prolific travellers and we take our vacations very seriously — we travel longer, farther and spend more than most around the world. Our delight stems from getting the best out of every travel decision we make, which is why I’m so proud to launch this campaign in Canada,” says Hope, BC native Darren Huston, CEO of

Huston, during a stop in Toronto this week, noted that Canada is the third market that has rolled out its brand initiative. And in doing so, he pointed out that, “I know that is a perfect match for the Canadian traveller because, as a company, we are completely caught up in the delight that comes from finding the perfect accommodation, every time. That means understanding what delight means for our customers and consistently delivering on that, all day, all night, from anywhere in the world.”

Currently, has four offices here — in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver — and Huston indicated the company is planning to add more locations. The company currently has over 414,000 properties in 193 countries, over 24 million verified and unedited guest reviews, and superior customer service in 41 languages resonate well with Canadians as it allows them to rest easy knowing that they are making the best possible choice for their accommodation. If they change their mind, offers free 24-hour cancellations.

For more on the new campaign, go to and what for more in an upcoming issue of Canadian Travel Press.