Boomerang continues strong partnership with APT

Despite a decision not to print their usual APT brochure this year, Boomerang Tours vice-president David Boigné wants to remind travel agents that the tour operator is continuing to carry the APT product line as usual. “We have been a strong supporter of APT products for a long time and nothing has changed,”said Boigné. “This year we simply made an environmental and financial decision to not produce a paper brochure as we noticed that more and more consumers get their information online. Brochures are extremely costly to produce, store and distribute, and as we are one of the few tour operators who do not sell directly to the consumers, and solely support the travel agents, we feel there is better way to use this money. “As such, we have decided to award a 15% commission on any APT tours products. In addition, travel agents will be awarded the equivalent of $100 in TC Loyalty Points for any tour bookings with a minimum duration of seven nights at destination. No one in Canada has any kind of exclusivity related to the distribution of APT products that Boomerang does, and this is the perfect opportunity to thank agents for their continued support.”For more information and to book any APT product, call 1-888-722-4212.