Boomerang Promotions, Surprises On The Way


TravelBrands’ Boomerang Tours is quickly gaining market share thanks to its new reservation system and will soon celebrate with a series of special promotions and surprises.

The following is a snapshot of what agents can expect from Boomerang Tours starting next week:

  • Two free nights in Fiji when flying to New Zealand with Fiji Airways.
  • Stay tuned for the winner of a free trip to Tahiti (for sales made before May 31).
  • A new contest will be launched in July with a draw for a free pair of Air Canada tickets to Brisbane.
  • In July and August, book with Boomerang and Exotik Tours for a chance to win a tablet.

“We have received amazing comments from the travel agent community with regards to our enhanced itineraries. It is very detailed, includes visuals and is easy to forward to the client. The goal is to make our travel partners’ work much easier,” commented David Boigne, vice-president of TravelBrands’ specialty division. “A team with 25 years’ experience with a state-of-the-art system is a dream combination and we intend to celebrate this success with a lot more surprises, stay tuned.”