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Booster Let’s Aeroplan Members Multiply Their Points

For Aeroplan members who want to build their points balance and get to their next reward sooner, they can now take advantage of a new benefit that will let them do just that.

Powered by Points, Aeroplan Booster is a new loyalty solution for the Canadian market designed to offer Aeroplan Members a cost-effective way to accelerate their reward balances quickly and easily by multiplying points earned on both travel and non-travel related transactions.

With Booster, Aeroplan Members get a preferential rate to multiply their earned points by up to five times their value.

Initially, points earned from an Aeroplan credit card, the Aeroplan eStore, or through Aeroplan’s everyday retail, car and hotel partners will be eligible for boosting.

Aeroplan members who take advantage of the new product can boost up to 600,000 of their points a year, for up to 3 million additional points.

And to celebrate the introduction of Booster, Aeroplan is offering members savings up to 30% off the regular rate to boost their points if they take advantage of the new benefit between now and Dec. 8, 2021.

Points began working with Air Canada on ways to drive member engagement and generate incremental income for the loyalty program in 2016. An easy to implement product that has proven to be effective in generating revenue during the pandemic when travel was in a downturn, Points’ Accelerate Anything loyalty solution has been well received since its inception in August 2020.


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