Born To Explore

On Aug. 27, Tara Sparshu, a professional travel consultant with TierOne Travel in Edmonton, Alta., embarked on her first international trip since the industry was altered by the onset of the global pandemic.

“For me it was important not only because I miss travelling to see and experience new destinations but also to learn about what it’s like to travel now, learn and experience firsthand the new travel protocols so I can help my clients through these processes, as well as show people that travel can definitely be done safely,” Sparshu tells Travel Courier.

Sparshu was one of three dozen fully vaccinated travel professionals from Canada and the US who took part in the 2021 instalment of the Air Canada Race, held in Basel, Switzerland, and says getting back out in the world will help while working on future trips for clients.

“The first thing will be that I now have experience with the COVID protocols entering other countries, entering Canada as well as the PCR testing in destination,” she says. “Learning about the travel prep, COVID protocols and just experiencing the whole process for myself will definitely help me advise clients better. The other experience that will help on future trips is just the experience of Switzerland and what it has to offer as well as the connections made with local representatives.”

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