Branching Out

In response to requests from its TMC partners who want more in-depth carbon calculation tools for clients, Trees4Travel is branching out with Trees4Events, the most comprehensive, (yet always simple at-the-point-of-use), event calculator to add to their portfolio.

Pre-pandemic — the Global Conference Industry produced annually as much GHG emissions as the entirety of the United States – responsible for more than 10% of global emissions. With world targets to cut global emissions in half by 2030, this will be an invaluable tool to the industry.

This tool guides planners through the entire process of making any meeting or conference a carbon positive event, from conception to compensation. The tool is set up as a series of simple options, with every section offering carbon estimates broken down by multiple choice response.

In addition, every selection offers tips on the impact of those choices to ensure events are not simply ‘compensated for’, but better planned from the outset, in support of the planet.

For example, when making menu selections for a conference, the Trees4Events wizard will demonstrate the carbon impact of clicking the ‘bottled’ box over ‘filtered tap’ water (a saving of 500g per glass!).

It highlights the difference to the planet of excluding beef from the conference menu or opting for a plant-based meal to showcase commitment to the planet and the extraordinary impact made by simple gestures.

For further accuracy the planner can select the automated creation of an app for delegates, enabling QR codes to be scanned on the day. The app asks guests to give more in depth information about their travel and stay for the event (again with tips and tricks to make better choices). All this is automated and is distributed directly to support the planner.

Finally, a set of bespoke PowerPoint slides with infographics is auto-generated, along with a script to be included in the ‘welcome address’. The slides highlight the efforts that have been undertaken and the reductions achieved for the event, demonstrating the commitment of the occasion’s sponsors to planet and people positive conferencing. Included in the slides is how many trees will be planted, and how many Certified Emission Reduction Units will be invested in, to back up the tree planting following the event.

Despite the complexities required to produce such advanced, detailed and accurate information the Trees4Events wizard is incredibly fast to use and offered completely free to event planners.

Nico Nicholas, Co-founder of Trees4Travel said “Trees4Events isn’t just a numbers game. This tool produces tangible effects from the get-go. It guides organisers through a better planning process to avoid carbon creation and then not only compensates for what cannot be avoided, but educates all delegates on making better choices, as well as on what has been done in their name. We must not stop meeting, it is essential to economic, social and political progress, but we can make more responsible choices about how we gather”

Successful trials of Tree4Events have taken place throughout the summer with the largest event seeing 2,500 attendees from 11 countries meet in Las Vegas, resulting in the planting of 30,000 trees and compensating nearly 5 million KGs of CO2e.

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