A Brand New Halifax Stanfield

For Halifax Stanfield, it’s a brand new day – complete with a new logo and tagline: Connecting Means The World.

Joyce Carter, president and CEO of the Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA), said:

“We are thrilled to share our new visual identity with the world. The focus of our new tagline, Connecting Means the World, reflects the potential Halifax Stanfield has to transform lives and to be a catalyst for growth in our region’s economy. It also mirrors the essence of Halifax Stanfield – our people who create a positive, human and caring experience through the personal connections we make with passengers and visitors.”

HIAA worked with Sean Williams Marketing Group and m5 Marketing Communications to conduct research and develop the brand.

Before a new visual identity was developed, research was conducted on what the airport means to travellers and the people who work there.

It was clear the theme was caring, empathy, and a constant belief in the airport’s ability to affect positive change.

Carter said that:

“After we had the essence of our brand and name nailed down, development of our new visual identity began. The logo was designed to reflect the passenger experience at Halifax Stanfield and draws on inspiration from the region and aviation. Our new logo communicates a sense of flow, ease and connection; it suggests an aircraft tail and runway, while revealing an H for Halifax. Its colour palette is inspired by the natural tones of Sky Blue, Atlantic Dawn, and Seaglass Green.”

For more on Halifax Stanfield’s new brand, check out the video by clicking here.