A Brand New Tool


With consumers scouring the Internet for the best hotel deals, Merit Travel has found a way to
make those deals easily accessible to their travel consultants.

Merit Trip is a new agent booking portal developed by Digital Trip and it provides Merit’s travel consultants with access to worldwide product that includes accommodations, airfares, land transportation, tours and more.

Digital Trip gives agents access to net rates and value added options, and by doing so, allows agents to stay competitive and be a one-stop resource for clients.

By integrating Digital Trip’s Net Rate Hotel Booking solution, Merit Travel will be able to capitalize on privately negotiated rates like never before.

Merit Travel’s vice-president & COO, Jason Merrithew observed: “We anticipate this tool being a demand generator and another way that solidifies the relevancy of today’s Travel Consultant. As a one-stop shop for competitive hotel rates, with a database of properties fit for our target market, Merit Travel Consultants are better armed with the tools needed to provide clients with the right hotel at the right price.”

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