Brand USA Charts Its Path Forward

In a message to Brand USA’s partners, the organization’s president & CEO, Christopher Thompson offers an update on its recently quarterly Board of Directors meeting where it outlined its paths forward and reinforced its commitment to support the industry through these unprecedented times.

Writes Thompson:

“As we maintain a state of readiness, we will continue to pursue important objectives to position the United States for a recovery. These objectives include engagement with the international travel trade, organic distribution of inspirational content, assisting partners with their own state of readiness, keeping a pulse on market conditions, and communicating entry and reopening policy.”

And he continued:

“We also unveiled our newest platform, Brand USA Global Marketplace, which will keep the U.S. travel industry connected with top producing travel trade around the world. This innovative tool has potential to disrupt the B2B space in our industry and will offer partners a virtual stage to serve content to and interface with key tour operator, airline, and travel agent contacts. The platform is set to launch in late September and will host the highly-anticipated Travel Week Europe 2020 from October 26-30, 2020. You will learn more about this opportunity from Brand USA partner engagement representatives in the weeks ahead.”

And Brand USA’s president & CEO observed that:

“While the global community is consuming and streaming content in record-breaking numbers, Brand USA continues to expand and push entertaining travel content to the forefront in inspiring ways. The launch of America’s Musical Journey on Amazon Prime Video magnifies the reach of this award-winning film to a global audience of 150 million people. At the same time, GoUSA TV has launched as a linear streaming channel on Samsung U.K., which means more than 2.5 million active users in the United Kingdom may now view GoUSA TV along with regular broadcast programming. These expansions will encourage consumers to keep travel dreaming about the USA in the months ahead.”

Thompson said that:

“As the nation reckons with issues of race, Brand USA has examined how our organization may contribute to a more inclusive tomorrow. Doing so will further our mission because the strength of the United States as a destination lies in our diversity and in the power of travel to foster understanding and connections between people and cultures. To that end, we recently launched the Black Voices playlist on GoUSA TV to highlight the creative talents and experiences of Black Americans across the United States. We will continue to look for opportunities to lift one another up and illuminate the diverse sights, experiences, and people that make the United States such a desirable and unique destination.”

And he points out that:

“As a reminder, we continue to provide meaningful insights, valuable information, and strategic guidance to our partners. Our monthly research webinars offer key insights and analysis on the pandemic and its impact on global travel. A recording of the most recent webinar can be found here. In addition, our online COVID-19 resource page continues to be one of our most highly engaged platforms and includes updated information, messaging, and several other resources for our partners and stakeholders.”

Thompson concludes:

“Amid so much change and unpredictability, Brand USA remains committed to our mission. We look forward to working with you all in the weeks and months ahead. Together, we are marketing the USA.”