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Brave New World

Six Ways The Travel Industry Can Come Out Stronger

COVID-19 dealt the travel industry a blow with unimaginable consequences. Although the ripple effect was felt worldwide, as recovery gets underway, Travel Courier talks to a panel of industry leaders to find out what changes can be implemented now to ensure tourism can be a force for good across travellers, wildlife, the environment and local communities.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the travel industry, which is collectively responsible for 10% of the world’s jobs and contributes trillions to global GDP, came to a grinding halt resulting in unprecedented challenges and financial turmoil.

Beneath the constant cycle of bad news over the past few months, a few stories of hope also emerged from decreased air pollution in India to the resurgence of wildlife around the world like a spike in the number of endangered leatherback sea turtles across beaches in Thailand.

Many in the industry are now looking to the future with a renewed purpose — to come out better than before.

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