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Thriving In An Era Of Self Booking

What do travel agents actually do?

While on the surface it may seem like the job is about selling airline tickets, hotels and car rentals, Jason Merrithew, president of Merit Travel, says it really comes down to providing expertise, experience and service.

“You have to understand what you actually do – you actually elevate travel experiences,” Merrithew tells Canadian Travel Press from his office in downtown Toronto.

“You actually provide a sense of luxury for all travellers depending on what their view of luxury is. You actually protect their investment. You are actually their advocate. The fact that you do book airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and tours, and make restaurant reservations, that’s secondary to what your job is. That’s how you are going to execute on what you do, but it isn’t how the client needs to understand you for what you do.”

For the full story, check out this week’s digital edition of Canadian Travel Press.


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