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The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) says that Ontario’s May 2, 2013 budget shows that the provincial government “is listening and supports the tourism industry in Ontario by maintaining their current level of investment in tourism, by increasing investment attraction activities, and by increasing the commitment and programing for job creation.” TIAO had three priority areas that it wanted the 2013 budget to consider. Those priorities included maintaining the current level of investment in tourism; encouraging the attraction of new investors to the tourism industry to build new product; and maintaining support of workforce development and skills training in tourism. Tourism is a $23.6 billion a year industry in Ontario. Opportunities for growth await as the industry targets emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil. By working with partners across the country, Ontario can leverage its marketing dollars to draw new visitors and increase visitor spending. TIAO is pleased by the province’s ongoing commitment to maintain their investment in tourism related programs. Attracting increased foreign and domestic tourism investment to Ontario benefits everyone: tourism operators, municipalities, residents and visitors alike. Investment in new and existing tourism experiences will attract more new visitors and encourage repeat visitors, enhancing Ontario’s reputation and strengthens the provincial economy. Beth Potter, president & CEO of TIAO, commented: “TIAO is encouraged by the commitment to investment attraction activities, including an increase in the number of trade missions to emerging markets, and the launch of a certification program that pre-qualifies potential investment sites as development ready. Pre-qualification makes sites more attractive to foreign direct investors and domestic expansion projects — which in turn will allow for new product development in our industry.” Go to for more.

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