Bring On The World

G Adventures’ new brand campaign – Bring on the World – is part rally cry, part love letter to real travel, capturing the type of travel the community tourism pioneer stands for; unforgettable experiences, deep connections, and a world-changing ethos, while at the same time inspiring travellers to welcome whatever their adventure happens brings their way.

The Bring on the World campaign is live now, and features a new anthem video that champions real travellers; those who want to step outside their comfort zone and learn something new about the world, as well as themselves.

The video is just one tool agents can use to market G Adventures’ life-changing trips to their customers by leveraging this colourful new campaign.

Leading with fun, people-focused imagery that was captured on recent photoshoots in Morocco and Vietnam, an agent tool kit has been created that features hundreds of unique marketing assets, including social posts, window decals, and consumer flyers. More assets will be added throughout the year as the campaign develops.

David Green, managing director for Canada, says G Adventures is excited to introduce its ‘Bring on the World’ rally cry to the Canadian market.

Said Green: “Our new campaign is designed to inspire travellers to embrace all aspects of small-group travel, from messy food moments through to beautiful connections made with local communities and fellow travellers along the way. Travel is a privilege and we want to encourage agents and travellers to consciously celebrate all the small but memorable moments that happen during a trip.”

Kyle Jordan, director of brand and creative for G Adventures, says the team wanted a bold call to action for this campaign – one that spoke to the heart of what makes real travel so impactful.

Jordan said: “We developed a manifesto for this creative concept that captures the mindset of real travellers. It’s a rally cry for people who love to travel like we do. Those who desire real experiences, connection, and meaning. It’s about everything G Adventures has always stood for and celebrates that in a way that inspires travellers to do the same.”

Jordan continued: “What people do with their days, who they spend them with, and the idea that giving rather than receiving is what makes people truly happy. These human truths are the fabric of a G Adventures trip. We wanted to recognize these themes throughout the campaign and did so via emotive writing and traveller-focused imagery.”

And Jordan added: “We’ve learned so much over the past three years and this is our opportunity to embrace the world in a thoughtful way. This campaign seeks to inspire people to do the same. It’s time to Bring on the World.”

Agents can access assets for the upcoming campaign by logging in to the new brand campaign agent tool kit, or signing up to the G Adventures Asset Library at this link here.

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