Building The Perfect Retreat


Check out this week’s Travel Courier cover story that sees Arctic Kingdom — — inviting southerners to take part in a Nunavut block party of sorts.

The Iqaluit-based tour operator is inviting those visiting Nunavut’s capital in spring to spend a day building an igloo, a dwelling that long provided a cozy home for those in the High North.

The tour operator says ideally at least four people, but as few as two can undertake the festive, “quintessential Arctic activity” that Arctic Kingdom’s Jason Hillier says doesn’t require previous home-building experience.

An Inuit guide is on hand and the tour operator supplies the needed tools for what Hiller labels a “fun and a great family bonding experience. The right knives are important but you can cheat and speed things up a little with igloo molds,” with the molds used to quickly create the blocks that form igloos, he adds.

“Carving large chunks of ice and snow and fitting them together to create a dome-like structure, you’ll learn the arts of patience and precision, as well as teamwork,” Arctic Kingdom adds. “This activity will also teach you some handy emergency and life-saving skills, while testing your own skills and efficiency.”

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