Bundle & Save With TravelBrands


TravelBrands has introduced “Same Day Savings,” a new bundle and save offer.

The way it works is that when any two travel components – air, car or hotel – are booked on the same day on one or even multiple files, clients save up to $80 per booking.

The only qualification is that products have to be booked on the same day, to the same destination to apply the savings and payment on file is required.

The “Same Day Savings” offer is valid on bookings made through Intair, Network, Holiday House, Fun Sun and Intair Vacations.

Nino Montagnese, senior vice-president for TravelBrands, said that: “Now with the “Same Day Savings” offers, you can benefit from amazing value for your clients, your commission is protected and of course you earn Loyalty Points with every booking.”

Go to http://www.TravelBrandsAgent.ca for more.