Business Traveller Confidence Drops

According to Travel Again’s latest monthly Traveler Confidence Index, roughly 6 in 10 travellers (62% of business travellers and 58% of leisure travellers) feel COVID-19 will have the same or greater impact on their lives in 2022 than it did in 2021.

It was the lowest point that the Business Traveler Confidence Index had hit since August dropping to 3.27 in December.

Travel Again co-founder, Mike McCormick said of the results: “Whether it is the winter blues or the Omicron effect, confidence that we will move to a post-COVID life is generally low right now.”

McCormick observed that: “We’ll continue to monitor our monthly confidence numbers as increased confidence over the first quarter of 2022 will be a significant factor in driving the continued recovery of the travel industry.”

Travel Again’s Traveler Confidence Index also found that:

  • For the second straight month, mandatory masks, frequent cleaning and vaccinations topped the list of confidence-building elements for both business and leisure travellers.
  • The number of leisure travellers who feel fully ready to travel didn’t move from November’s 28%, but the business travel side took another hit this month. After falling from 41% in October to 35% in November, business travellers reporting they feel fully ready to travel fell even further to 24% in December.
  • Leisure travellers continue to be more bullish on international travel than their business travel counterparts with half (50%) saying they would travel internationally in the next six months if they could afford it, while only 37% of business travellers are willing to travel internationally in the next 90 days if asked by their companies to do so.

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