Butterfield & Robinson launches three new scheduled Africa group trips

Butterfield & Robinson is expanding its portfolio in Africa with three new scheduled group trips in 2024: Rwanda Walking, Zimbabwe Conservation Safari and South Africa Multi-Active.

Complimented by unparalleled partnerships and sustainable accommodations, the new trips offer an exclusive perspective into each country. Through a fusion of active travel and immersive luxury experiences, the trips are designed to reimagine travellers’ love of travel by deepening their connections to the area.

Mike Scarola, CEO, Butterfield & Robinson, said: “The launch of Butterfield & Robinson’s new Scheduled group trips in Africa represents the next chapter of our 30-year history in each country. We’ve combined our expertise in luxury active travel with our vision of leaving a lasting impact in each country we visit. Our relationships with our partners on the ground are key to bringing this vision to life, while still creating extraordinary trips our travellers love.”

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