CAA Appointment

CAA South Central Ontario has announced the appointment of Matthew Djorsev as manager, Travel Product Development and Relationship Management for CAA Club Group (CCG).

In this role, Djorsev will oversee supplier and industry relations, working with travel partners to grow sales and create stronger partnerships for agents across CCG.

Last year, CCG’s travel division experienced its third consecutive year of double-digit growth with sales of more than $150 million. Djorsev will maintain this momentum through sales and marketing activities.

Previously responsible for growing agency sales for both WestJet Airlines and WestJet Vacations, Djorsev’s industry experience and strong partner relationships will be instrumental in developing new and innovative products to enhance the member experience for CAA Club Group’s over 2.2 million members.

Based out of the head office in Ontario, Djorsev will be responsible for travel product across Manitoba and South Central Ontario.