Canada 365: Welcoming The World, Every Day

Canada has released its long-awaited tourism growth strategy and it’s clear that the federal government is intent on unleashing the full potential of Canadian tourism and in the process, cementing Canada as a top global destination.

Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance, Randy Boissonnault unveiled Canada 365: Welcoming the world. Every day. – the country’s new federal tourism growth strategy.

Minister Boissonnault observed that: “Now is the time to come together and combine forces — across all orders of government and throughout the industry — to power the economic engine that is tourism.”

He continued: “With the new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, we will build on our strengths and propel the sector to new heights. Canada has what the world wants, and we look forward to welcoming visitors, 365 days a year.”

The new strategy is focused on five priorities:

  • Investing in Canada’s tourism assets
  • Embracing recreation and the great outdoors
  • Partnering to grow Indigenous tourism
  • Attracting more international events
  • Improving coordination through a federal ministerial council

On hand for the unveiling were Vance Badawey, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indigenous Services and Member of Parliament for Niagara Centre; Chris Bittle, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Member of Parliament for St. Catharines; Marsha Walden, President and CEO of Destination Canada; Beth Potter, President and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada; Keith Henry, President and CEO of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada; and Susie Grynol, President and CEO of the Hotel Association of Canada.

Marsha Walden, President and CEO, Destination Canada, said: “We welcome the launch of the new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, which will help lay the foundations for our sector’s future growth, investment and competitiveness. Along with our industry partners from coast to coast to coast, we have worked together to make united recommendations on this strategy, and we look forward to working closely with the Minister as together we transform tourism to be more competitive, successful, and resilient.”

Beth Potter, President and CEO, Tourism Industry Association of Canada, observed that: “Today’s announcement caps more than a year of dialogue with key stakeholders on all facets of the tourism sector across this great country. TIAC welcomes the new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy and applauds the government’s recognition that tourism is a key driver of Canada’s economy, creating close to two million jobs in large and small communities and being highly inclusive. We embrace the opportunity to continue working, hand-in-hand, with the Minister of Tourism, other Cabinet ministers and federal officials on the strategic path toward full industry recovery, growth and sustainability.”

Keith Henry, President and CEO, Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, pointed out that: “Indigenous tourism has enormous potential and is reconciliation in action. Today ITAC is delighted to see Indigenous tourism be a key pillar of the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, and we support the growth of Indigenous tourism through coordinated investments from the Government of Canada that will help make Canada the global leader in Indigenous tourism by 2030.”

Susie Grynol, President and CEO, Hotel Association of Canada, said that: “The Hotel Association of Canada enthusiastically welcomes today’s announcement. Investing in Canada’s assets and attracting more international events will support the hospitality industry, which will in turn sustain a thriving visitor economy.”

Kelly Higginson, President and CEO, Restaurants Canada, pointed out that: “As a key component of our country’s tourism product, the restaurant industry is very pleased to see the launch of a new tourism strategy for Canada.  Our industry is still in recovery mode following the pandemic, and this strategy will bring more visitors to our great country and in turn to our restaurants. We thank Minister Boissonnault for driving this strategy to completion.”

Canada 365 is the result of months of consultations with, among others, tourism businesses, industry associations, other orders of government, Indigenous partners and destination marketing organizations. Their insight into the challenges and opportunities of the Canadian tourism sector have shaped the strategy and helped set the stage for the long-term growth of Canada’s visitor economy.

Vance Badawey, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indigenous Services and Member of Parliament for Niagara Centre, said: “We are Niagara — tourism is in our blood. We understand the importance of this industry to the people of Niagara and to the employees, business owners and organizations that thrive because of our region’s natural gifts and its existence as a major North American destination for travellers from around the world. This new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy will help drive the success of our tourism sector and ensure it continues to contribute to the economic prosperity of Niagara for decades to come.”

Chris Bittle, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Member of Parliament for St. Catharines, observed that: “Every year, our tourism sector brings people from around the world to our country and specifically to our region. We have a lot to offer, whether you have been to Canada a dozen times or are planning your first trip. This strategy demonstrates the strength of our sector and lays the foundation for its future success. With this Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, Niagara will continue to be ready to welcome the world, each and every day.”

Tourism powers the Canadian economy, creating good jobs in every region of the country, from rural and remote communities to the largest cities. Tourism is also highly inclusive. Compared to other sectors, it employs a higher proportion of women, youth and newcomers.

Canada has something for everyone: breathtaking outdoor adventures, vibrant cities, unique Indigenous tourism experiences and so much more. With the renewed demand for travel, there is now a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Canada’s visitor economy to push past reviving all the way to thriving and successfully compete on the global stage.

Canada 365 makes it clear that the Canadian government is serious about seizing this opportunity to help the tourism industry reach new heights for generations to come.

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