Canada, DR Sign Deal


Lynne Yelich, Canada’s Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular) and Andres Navarro, Foreign Minister of the Dominican Republic, have announced the establishment of the Canada-Dominican Republic Consular Rapid Response Mechanism.

The Consular Rapid Response Mechanism is a bilateral arrangement that will enhance existing cooperation between Canada and the Dominican Republic by ensuring that the appropriate authorities are involved in the early stages of complex consular cases involving citizens of both countries. It will also increase collaboration through regular dialogue on how best to address situations affecting citizens in distress.

A Consular Rapid Response Mechanism facilitates timely high-level engagement in complex consular cases. The goal of this mechanism is to strengthen communication and coordination between consular officials as well as government authorities at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

In 2013, close to 600,000 Canadians travelled to the Dominican Republic, making it Canadians’ third-most visited sun destination, after Mexico and Cuba. Canada is the second-largest source of tourists in the Dominican Republic after the United States.

“The Dominican Republic is strongly committed to providing a safe environment for tourists who visit us. This initiative supports President Danilo MedinaÆs objectives to boost tourism to 10 million visits a year by 2022 and to achieve regional leadership by obtaining the highest growth in tourism in the Caribbean,” said Minister Navarro.

Canada’s Minister Yelich stated: “As the number of Canadians traveling to the Dominican Republic continues to increase, our government is focused on enhancing diplomatic relations so that we can work efficiently with local authorities. This new cooperation arrangement strengthens and supports collaboration, allowing us to respond quickly to Canadian citizens traveling in the Dominican Republic.”

The Canadian government provides consular services in the Dominican Republic through its embassy in Santo Domingo, consulate in Puerto Plata and office in Punta Cana.