Canada fastest growing market for Anguilla

It seems Canada’s love affair with Anguilla is continuing as Canadian visitation to the Caribbean island jumped 17% in 2011. According to Dale Pusching, Canadian director of the Anguilla Tourist Board, Canada had the largest percentage growth in visits of all countries. “A solid achievement during a year of continued economic challenges,”said Pusching, noting the island enjoyed an overall increase of 6% in visitors. Pusching cited agent fams, education and support, as well as increased lift from Canada to neighbouring St. Maartin (the main gateway to Anguilla), as the contributing reasons for the impressive jump in numbers. “Canadian agents are really coming to feel confident selling the island, which we promote for not having huge resorts, high-rise hotels, big cruise ships, all-inclusive resorts or large commercial jets. What we do have are 33 wonderful beaches, over 100 restaurants and some of the most elegant resorts in the Caribbean.”(

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