Canada Jetlines Announces Stage 1 Licensing Approval

Canada Jetlines Operations Ltd advises that it has received a determination from the Canadian Transportation Agency (“CTA”) that Canada Jetlines meets the regulation requirements with regards to Canadian ownership and control, subject to filing confirming corporate documents. The CTA also completed Stage 1 “Determination of Financial Requirements” for Canada Jetlines’ application.

Eddy Doyle, CEO of Canada Jetlines, said: “I am very excited that Canada Jetlines has now received Canadian ownership and control approval and the Stage 1 determination from the CTA. We are now in the final stages of the licensing process, and I am confident we will satisfy the final requirements in time for a summer launch date.”

In 2021 Canada Jetlines commenced the application process for a license to operate air service, large aircraft pursuant from the CTA. The application process requires Canada Jetlines to provide information regarding the ownership structure and financial information in two stages.

The first stage requires the provision of information and documentation regarding the funding requirements for the start-up and operation of an air service for a 90-day period. The second stage requires the provision of evidence that the requisite funding is in place to finance the proposed air service.

Jetlines is advancing the completion of the funding to satisfy stage 2 requirements with the intention to commence air service in the summer of 2022, subject to final CTA and Transport Canada approval.

The Air Operator Certificate (“AOC”) application process with Transport Canada is progressing as planned, having achieved significant milestones never before achieved by Canada Jetlines.

These include the approval of the majority of submitted manuals, conditional approval for pilot training, the completion of the first pilot course and simulator check ride. Subject to receiving Transport Canada approval, Canada Jetlines intends to start flight attendant training next month.

Carrier Applauds Government Announcement 

Along with this good news, Canada Jetlines Operations Ltd. also said that it welcomed the federal government’s announcement that it was dropping pre-departure testing requirements for arrivals on April 1, 2022.

The carrier said that this aligns with its launch, allowing it to remain on schedule with take-off slated for summer 2022.

This launch is aligned to service seasonal travel demand predicted to return at record breaking levels.

Eddy Doyle, CEO of Canada Jetlines, said: “We feel immense relief and excitement following the Minister of Health’s announcement on dropping pre-departure testing requirements for Canadian arrivals. This is a positive update for the travel industry as a whole and for Canadians who have been stuck at home for the past two summers.”

And Doyle continued: “This decision will make it easier not only for citizens to feel at ease when traveling but also for bringing more travel back into Canada. This transition phase coincides with our upcoming launch and will be a key component in promoting travel back to Canada during peak season – then into the fall again with a forecasted record volumes of VFR and leisure traffic.”

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