Canada Jetlines, ClearSky Global Sign Deal

Canada Jetlines Operations Ltd. has signed an Ultra-Clean fuel offtake agreement with ClearSky Global Inc.

Under the terms of the agreement, Canada Jetlines will purchase up to 18,000,000 litres per year of jet fuel from ClearSky Global, providing a stable and secure supply of low emissions SAF fuel for the airline.

This partnership is a significant step forward for both companies, as it allows Canada Jetlines to focus on its core business of providing high quality leisure air travel using low carbon emission fuel to its clients, while ClearSky Global is able to expand its customer base and secure long-term contracts with a unique and growing airline with an exciting future.

The companies have not disclosed the financial details of the agreement, but both parties are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial and will lead to continued growth and success for each entity in the future.

ClearSky Global CEO, Timothy Kozmyk said: “We are pleased to be partnering with Canada Jetlines, and we look forward to working together to provide our superior and cost-effective low-emission jet fuel, which supports the global airline commitment towards NetZero and 10% emissions reduction targets by 2030.”

Canada Jetlines CEO, Eddy Doyle said that: “This agreement with ClearSky Global is a major step forward for Canada Jetlines, as it allows us to fly on cleaner fuel and reduce our impact on the environment while enabling us to stay within our operational budgets. ClearSky’s jet fuel enables us to provide our customers with a high-quality service using a low-emissions energy source without passing added fuel costs on to our customers.”

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