Canada Jetlines Partners with Boom Group

Canada Jetlines Operations Ltd. is partnering with Boom Group Inc (BOOM) – an employee and member rewards platform.

Through the new alliance, travellers will have the ability to enroll through the BOOM Rewards’ platform to purchase flights at a preferred rate, on all current and future routes via Canada Jetlines’ international network.

The BOOM platform powers the leading membership rewards and loyalty program, allowing member companies to engage, grow, and create unique experiences for members.

News of the partnership is shared following Canada Jetlines addition of two new routes, including Las Vegas, and Melbourne/Orlando, Florida, in addition to a second aircraft to the carrier’s growing fleet.

Eddy Doyle, CEO of Canada Jetlines, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with BOOM Group to provide travellers with a convenient and accessible loyalty programs and rewards platform to fuel future travel.”

Doyle added: “As a leader in the rewards space, with tens of thousands of members, BOOM will plug Canada Jetlines into a high value, targeted consumer base for individuals seeking tailored experiences.”

Laureen Regan, President, and CEO of Boom Group Inc., said: “Travel continues to be one of the most popular and growing categories in the BOOM platform, Canada Jetlines provides access to flight options for domestic leisure travel routes with future expansion planned for international routes. We are excited to be partnering with Canada Jetlines to provide our BOOM Members with new travel options at great rates.”

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