Canada One Brings ResVoyage To Canada

Canada One Travel in Winnipeg has been awarded full Canadian distribution rights for ResVoyage, a corporate and leisure online booking tool purpose-built to help small and midsize travel agencies and TMCs grow their business.

Thomalex Inc. with headquarters in Miami, Florida is the developer of ResVoyage corporate online booking tool (OBT)

ResVoyage’s Corporate OBT enables travel agencies to provide their small to medium size corporate clients a full suite of travel management solutions and features typically reserved for large travel agencies and corporations.

Designed for small and medium size businesses (SMB), Resvoyage is cost effective, easy to set up and user friendly.

ResVoyage mirrors the features provided by large enterprise systems, without the complexity or cost associated with these platforms. It is available in English, French and Spanish languages.

Andy Ling, president of Canada One Travel, said: “ResVoyage Corporate enables travel agency clients to house all company travel policies, discount codes, employee profiles, preferred travel vendors, and travel-spend analytics all in one place. All these services are available at an affordable price, and we are excited to bring ResVoyage to Canada.”

Rastko Ilic, president of Thomalex Inc., noted: “We are delighted to be partnering with Canada One Travel. Our passion at Thomalex is to help SMB businesses compete in the dynamic global travel market. ResVoyage Corporate is our flagship Online Booking Tool, delivering a user friendly, customizable, self-booking tool, purpose-built for SMBs. ResVoyage Leisure is similarly designed to meet the needs of B2C leisure travel companies.”

The partnership between Canada One Travel and Thomalex has already produced a unique feature for Canadian businesses – recently launching direct connect to Air Canada Corporate Rewards (ACCR) platform.

ResVoyage is now being introduced to Canada, and Europe with existing customers in USA and South America.

Canada One Travel has successfully implemented the ResVoyage corporate programs for many in their existing corporate base. ResVoyage is simultaneously implementing its leisure booking engine for the bulk of its online leisure clientele.

Agencies interested can go online for a product overview at .

For a full demo of the ResVoyage products contact Andy Ling directly at 204-287-8228 or toll-free 800-668-6889 or by email at [email protected] .