Canadians Choosing Staycations Over Travel


According to a recent survey from, 55% of Canadians are planning to take more staycation time this year compared to last. teamed up with Canadian travel blogger Nicole Wears from the Traveling Canucks who warns that while staycations may help Canadians cross items off their to do list, they fall short in other ways.

“As an avid traveller and mother of two, I’ve discovered first hand that there are significant benefits to travelling for your vacation rather than using your days off to stay home,” said Wears. “Whether you’re vacationing with family, friends or on your own, travelling gives you an opportunity to experience something new, explore the unknown and indulge in something fun you otherwise wouldn’t experience at home.”

Of the Canadians planning to take staycation time this year (22%), one in three (34%) plan to spend this time completing chores and running errands. For those staying home, but not doing housework, 31% plan to see family while 14% will be playing tourist in their own city. The remaining quarter will either be checking in on work (13%) or attending appointments (8%).

While many are planning to stay home this year, staycations are not the first choice of most Canadians. In fact, 43% of survey respondents say they prefer travel vacations to staycations versus 15% who prefer staycations over travel vacations.

The remaining 42% say that a staycation is the same as a travel vacation, a common misconception according to Wears. “There are so many benefits to taking a vacation away from home and travel to a new destination. From the diversity and learning to the sense of accomplishment and joy when you return, every member of my family gains something new from a trip away from home.”

According to the survey, 36% of those who prefer to use their vacation time to travel report that travel vacations leave them feeling relaxed, revived and content with their new experiences. In fact, females (40%) report they feel the benefits more compared to males (33%).

Top Five Reasons Wears Says a Travel Vacation is More Beneficial than a Staycation:

  • Bonding with family and friends: Say cheese for that family photo. From the excitement of experiencing new activities together to the feelings of developing lifelong memories, going on a travel vacation often provides better quality time and stronger bonding with those close to you.
  • Valuable learning opportunities: Discovering new cultures and experiences abroad is enriching for everyone, including children and parents alike. Regardless of your age, travelling gives you diversity, insights and learning you would not otherwise experience if you stay at home.
  • It may actually be less expensive than a staycation: Although 39% of Canadians feel they save money on travel costs by not taking a travel vacation, staying home during your vacation may not actually cost less. In fact, 49% of Canadians feel staycations cost them more as they end up spending on events close to home and other unforeseen costs. This is easy to quantify considering the cost of gas for day trips, excursions away from home and projects completed around the house that can quickly add up. Using a travel provider like and bundling flight and hotel can help you save serious money – up to $500. And remember, even a short-haul trip for a weekend or a few days, which often come with smaller price tags, can also help to rejuvenate you and your family.
  • Less routine and more spontaneity: Ditching your everyday routine and travelling to a new location can give you a sense of adventure and present you with experiences you could not recreate at home. It also pushes you outside your comfort zone and allows you to try new things which will leave you with a sense of accomplishment.
  • Overall well-being: Strap on your walking shoes and try something different! When you travel to a new destination you will often find yourself being more active – both physically and mentally – which will lead to an overall sense of well-being.