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Canadians Keen On Digital Travel

Canadians are looking forward to and embracing the “Digital Age” of travel, according to a global survey of future travel trends by Travelzoo.

The company polled its members in six countries on the future of travel, assessing potential methods of getting to a destination, ways to book a trip and how the travel experience is enjoyed. It found that when it came to using more digital technology in travel and travel planning, Canadians were generally more optimistic than other nations.

“Canadians are very much looking forward to embracing the virtual world for their vacations,” says Lara Barlow, general manager of Travelzoo Canada. “Advances in travel technology are necessary and ongoing but, given the results of this survey, there is work to be done to convince the public that specific forms of technology are ready for use. Canadians are more confident than the rest, meaning this might be the perfect test market for the early adopters.”

She added, “Once safety and reliability concerns are addressed, Canadians seem likely to welcome the new travel experiences made possible by automation, artificial intelligence and other advances in technology.”

The survey of Travelzoo members from around the world asked questions about the future of travel and what it may look like. In almost every instance where people were asked about digital methods to book a trip, plan excursions or engage while on an escape, Canadians were the worldwide leaders.

When asked about an entirely virtual vacation – where you can “travel” without ever leaving your home – 45% of Canadians expect this will be something one can do by 2030, compared to a global average of 36%.

Another 53% of Canadians are interested in booking their travel through a virtual travel agent, well above the global average of 41%. Canadians and Americans tied at 31% in their desire for a hologram tour guide – global average of 28% – and 48% of Canadians would like to have facial recognition in hotels to facilitate check-in and paying for additional services.

When it comes to modes of travel, 22% of Canadians would take a trip in a pilotless flying drone (19% global average) and 40% are excited about teleportation. That’s a shade behind the 41% of Americans looking forward to being able to beam themselves from Point A to Point B, but still ahead of the global average of 38%.

The survey questioned 6,008 consumers in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.


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