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Canadians Looking To Get Active While On Vacation

Overwhelmingly, Canadians are seeking new experiences and adventures when they go on vacation, and they’re feeling little need to share their escapades on social media, according to a recent Travelzoo survey of its Canadian membership.

The survey – completed by 2,087 Travelzoo Canada members in early August – found 92% wanted to be active on their vacations, and more than 45% felt disconnecting from social media and e-mail helps them recharge.

“While being connected 24/7 can be incredibly convenient, it can also be distracting and interfere with fully enjoying your vacation,” says Lara Barlow, general manager of Travelzoo Canada. “The clear desire to take an active vacation suggests that we Canadians need a break from the barrage of electronic information that comes at us every day.”

Highlights of the survey include:

  • Being active on vacation was important or somewhat important to 92% of respondents;
  • Disconnecting from e-mail, social media and the news was found to help 46% of respondents recharge;
  • 41% said they have felt like they didn’t make the most of a past vacation because they didn’t have enough experiences or adventures;
  • 22% turn to Facebook to look for inspiration for their next vacation destination, but more than half (56%) don’t use social media at all to research trips;
  • A massive 85% said they don’t consider whether a destination would produce social media-ready photos when deciding where to travel;
  • Great food and drink is a priority for 45% when planning their vacations.

Other top priorities include new experiences, exploring local culture and relaxing.


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