Canadians Ready For Holiday Travel

Canadians are gearing up to travel over the holidays, according to’s newly released Travel Index.

According to the Index, one in five Canadian adults (22%) plan to travel over the months of December, January and February, up from just 13% last month.

It also reports that Canadians are now just as likely to be planning domestic travel as they are international travel; with 12% of Canadians planning to travel domestically and 12% planning to travel internationally.

Of note is the fact that international travel plans are also at the highest they’ve been since Finder began surveying Canadians in February this year.

Commenting on the results, Finder’s Nicole Mcknight says travel plans are set to peak in December as people reunite with family and friends over the holidays.

Said Mcknight: “Canadians are well and truly gearing up to travel over the holidays this year. Travel plans for both domestic and international travel are set to peak in December, before tapering off in the first few months of 2022.”

And she continued: “14% of Canadians plan to travel either domestically or internationally over December, while just 6% plan to travel over January or February.”

Mcknight pointed out that: “It’s not surprising to see a spike in travel plans around this time, with people hoping to see their family and friends for the holiday celebrations, however, Finder’s survey was conducted before news of the Omicron variant, so it’s possible there could be a reduction in the number planning to travel internationally with the tightening of travel rules.”

Finder’s Travel Index is an ongoing survey, which has so far gathered responses from more than 220,000 people globally. The latest Canadian survey is a nationally representative sample of 1,201 Canadian adults surveyed via Google surveys in early November 2021.

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