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Canadians Ready To Travel Again

itravel 2000 Survey Finds Travellers Booking With Flexible Options, Payments

So, what’s the future hold? A new survey of Canadian travellers by itravel2000 may help shed a little light on some of the travel trends, destination preferences and new customer needs.

Dianne Jackson, vice president of retail, Red Label Vacations, said: “Now more than ever, travel brands must adapt to the changing market and rethink the way we sell vacations to consumers.”

Jackson pointed out that: “Having these first-hand results shows that Canadians are willing to travel again as long as themselves and their vacation plans are protected. The travel industry has to work together and our team felt it was necessary to share our findings with the rest of the travel community.”

Some of the findings in the survey include:

  • 67% of participants are willing to fly once leisure travel opens
  • 44% of travellers want to travel to the Caribbean, followed by 34% more inclined to travel to a mixture of within Canada, Europe and the Caribbean
  • The ability to cancel or change a vacation package is the most important booking factor for travellers
  • 73% of participants are willing to buy travel insurance
  • 29% of the respondents want to travel as soon as they can while 30% of them still want to wait for next three to six months. 28% are willing to travel in 2021.

For the full survey results, go to

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