Canadians Struggle To Get Into #VacayMode

Whether it’s a weekend getaway with friends, a seven-day all-inclusive trip for two or just a staycation, everyone wants to relax and unwind on vacation, but, according to the latest research by, worries about home and work are keeping many Canadians from fully embracing their holiday.

The research surveyed more than 18,000 people from 25 countries worldwide, found one in five (21%) Canadian travellers worry about things going wrong the first day of their holiday. Whether it’s leaving their house empty or having separation anxiety from their pets (20%), almost half (42%) of Canadians confessed the first 24 hours of their vacation often go by in a blur. This can mean travellers struggle to switch off from their worries and switch into holiday mode.

When exactly do Canadian travellers turn on their holiday mode? The research revealed that it varies on what it takes for people to feel as though they’re finally on a vacation:

  • Accommodation plays a huge role for many Canadians as one in four (26%) of the respondents say they are ready to relax as soon as they arrive at their accommodation;
  • For others, they physically need to unwind and so the transition takes place after they’ve had some sleep/a rest (15%);
  • Unfortunately, one in 20 Canadian travellers (5%) say they never feel as though they are in holiday mode.

Nevertheless, switching to holiday mode can be done, and according to these travellers, there’s a lot to be said for getting Vitamin D from sunshine or some fresh alpine air. Having the perfect weather was the top reason for what helps travellers from the Great White North switch to holiday mode (54%).

The same research also shows where travellers stay during their vacation plays a key role. Canadians find it easier to catch on the holiday vibe when their accommodation meets or exceeds expectations (42%), they have an inviting and welcoming host or concierge (24%), their accommodation feels like home (23%) and has easy access to amenities such as spas and pool (21%).

With more than half (64%) of Canadian travellers believing that the first 24 hours of a vacation are all about relaxing and resetting, partnered with life coach and well-being expert, Sloan Sheridan-Williams, to provide travellers with easy and practical tips to switch to holiday mode a little sooner.

“Whether you’re staying in an apartment, hostel, boat or even a treehouse, many travellers feel more relaxed making their accommodation like home. Bringing comforting items with you like your favourite night time hot drink, personalized mug, own pillowcase or bedtime journal can help lighten up your first 24 hours in a different environment,” said Sheridan-Williams.