Where Are Canadians Travelling To This Summer?

It seems Europe is the place to be this summer.

Virtuoso has mined its data warehouse of more than $39.7 billion in transactions to reveal Canadians’ top choices for the upcoming 2017 summer travel season and it shows that upscale globetrotters are booking eternal European favourites for their travels, with a couple of other international destinations rounding out the list.

The Virtuoso Top 10 most popular destinations for summer vacations based on future bookings: Italy; United Kingdom; Israel; United States; Germany; France; Spain; Netherlands; Greece; and Portugal.

The Top 10 analysis: As is typical for summer travel, Europe dominates the rankings with eight of the 10 countries. Italy continues its reign atop the list, followed by the perennially popular U.K., with France and Spain also placing highly. Israel, always popular among Canadians for its religious and cultural significance, takes third place. Following is the US, by far the most visited country overall for Canadians.