Air Canada Vacations is partnering with not-for-profit carbon offset organization Zerofootprint to offer its customers carbon neutral vacations to fight climate change while travelling. These efforts will encourage travellers to take meaningful steps to decrease the carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere and contribute to Air Canada\’s belief that customers should have the option to offset the effects of their flight.
ACV\’s customers can offset the carbon accumulated from their flights, hotels, car rentals and more with voluntary contributions to their choice of six key projects, including: the Forest Restoration Project in Maple Ridge, B.C., the Landfill Gas Recovery Project in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and the Tire Recycling Program in Quebec.
There\’s also an option available to view a personal portfolio that shows the number of carbon credits that have been purchased and which projects the contributor is supporting.
Suggested amounts are easily determined by the Zerofootprint calculator, specifically designed for Air Canada Vacations\’ clients.
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