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Caribbean Travel Partners Trained on Diversity

Recognizing the changing dynamics in the global tourism industry and the imperative to meet customers’ needs and expectations, the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association Education Foundation (CHTAEF), in partnership with two of its corporate partners, Interval International and Virgin Holidays, has launched a new program to support the training and development of Caribbean industry professionals.

The first of two of recently completed training programs was held in Barbados in partnership with Virgin Holidays with a focus on diversity. This training grew out of Virgin Holidays’ 2016 commitment to become one of the most tolerant and welcoming brands in travel and CHTAEF’s decades-long goal to support and foster the professionalism and training of Caribbean nationals in the hospitality industry. The Barbados exercise, designed and delivered by Talk-About Earth Solutions, provided nearly 130 hospitality professionals and students with the tools to assist them receive guests with care, professionalism and tolerance.

The second training program was held in Aruba in partnership with Interval International and focused on leadership, motivation and team morale. Additional courses were held on housekeeping best practices and excellence. More than 70 industry professionals completed the courses, which were endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality and delivered by Springboard Caribbean.

In support of this initiative, CHTAEF chairman Karolin Troubetzkoy said, “The training takes into account changing demographics and psychographics of today’s travellers and will help our team members achieve their goals of providing superior customer service to visitors to our region.”

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