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Carnival Introduces FCC Kit For Agents

Carnival Cruise Line has launched a new Future Cruise Credit (FCC) toolkit that’s designed to support travel advisors on the many ways they can use FCC’s to help their clients and to grow their business.

With many guests opting for future cruise credits on cancelled sailings, FCC’s represent a huge opportunity for travel advisors to grow their business as their clients have already expressed an interest in booking their next cruise and have committed funds toward that next booking.

Available via a dedicated page on, the Future Cruise Credit Toolkit includes a variety of resources to empower travel advisors with helpful knowledge in leveraging FCC’s for their clients.

The toolkit includes:

  • Lead reporting tool to help agencies note and follow up on pending FCC’s
  • Communications schedule to help travel advisors organize client follow-ups
  • Easy to use templates for FCC-focused emails, letters and phone calls
  • Personalization tools for agents to customize messages based on client needs and interests

The toolkit is accompanied by a video from Carnival’s business development managers who share effective selling and marketing tips for agents to utilize FCCs to assist their clients on future bookings.

Adolfo M. Perez, Carnival’s senior vice president of global sales and trade marketing, observed that: “Clients with FCCs are such important leads for travel agents and this practical, easy-to-use tool kit offers a variety of proven sales and marketing strategies, all designed to help advisors close more FCC business and expand their sales.  It’s one more example of Carnival investing in and supporting our valued travel partners.”

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